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GUEST MIX: Cuban Funk by Gravelheadwrap

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Happy holidays to all my readers across the globe!  This week we have a very special mix by Gravelheadwrap, who has contributed Cuban heat here in the past.  I love this mix of classics and rare tracks from Cuba’s Areito label.  Enjoy!

Cuban Funk by Gravelheadwrap

Juan Pablo Torres – Y Que Bien
Juan Formell Y Los Van Van – Llegue, Llegue
Grupo Monumental – Limitacion
Los Reyes ’73 – Adoey
Grupo Monumental – Si, Para Usted
Grupo Los Yoyi – Del Copacabana A
Los 5 U 4 – Seis Igual A Seis
Grupo FA 5 – Paso Sin Mas
Juan Pablo Torres – Rompe Cocorioco
Juan Pablo Torres – Pastel En Descarga (Super Son)
Los 5 U 4 – Baila, Ven Y Baila
Grupo Irakere – Quindiambo
Grupo FA 5 – Salga Y Baile
Grupo Los Yoyi – Paco La Calle
Raul Gomez – Dacapo
Juan Almeida – Ritmo Abierto
Grupo Irakere – Juana 1600


Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Three bangin tracks from 2 rare 45s this week!  Two of my favorite scores of 2010…


Cheesy Afro-Latin funk at its best! This is by far the best thing I’ve heard by the Panamanian group The Beachers. They put out at least 10 LPs in the seventies and eighties on various labels from that country (Loyola, Tamayo, etc), their best being Africa Caliente, IMO. But here, we have a 45-only track (to my knowledge at least) absolutely brimming with pure energy and tropical fire. Most of the time their beyond-cheesy organ is a total killing point for me, but I really love it in this track. Multiple breakdowns and teenage back-up singers charge “Black Soul” along and keep things interesting. Cheers to DJ Papito for selling me this 45.

The Beachers: “Black Soul”
Taken from the Loyola Records 7″ (Costa Rica Press)


One of my favorite scores from the past year (thanks, Noel!), and a solid double-sider at that. Don’t know much about Los Africanos except that it’s Bobby Marin produced and that it absolutely HAS to be Ricardo Marrero on electric piano. It has his signature watery keys as heard on “Babalonia” (Yu Qui Yu) and his A Taste LP on TSG. If anyone has any more info for me that would be great, please leave a comment.

Los Africanos: “Together People (Pamoja Watu)” & “It’s Your Thing”
Taken from the TR Records 7″ (1974)