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Back from Vacation = Latin Funk Fire

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Back in action after a long break of working and traveling in Colombia, an absolutely mind-blowing country! I managed to find some cool records during my time down there, so stay tuned for a heavy mix or dedicated Colombian music post!

For now, I wanted to return to form with some hard-as-fuck Latin Funk for everybody. Porfi Jimenez is no stranger to Musica Del Alma, as I’ve already featured one of his songs here before. Here’s yet another solid album from this heavyweight Latin musician. Not only does contain one of the hardest Latin Funk songs out there, it’s also a snapshot of Porfi and his orchestra playing some of the best Salsa Dura Venezolana of their careers.

“Coro” is one of those impossible-to-deny heavy funk tracks. A beautiful Spanish colonial city in western Venezuela, Coro’s prolific music scene in the 1970s undoubtedly inspired Porfi to dedicate a bass guitar-heavy funk burner of a track.  I finally tracked down a copy of this LP for $10 a couple months back after having it elude me for years.

As with many great Salsas, wait for things to really heat up about halfway through “Mi Consentida”.  This is a highly recommended salsa track that lives up to the high standards Venezuelan bands set for the genre in the 70s and 80s.

**Stay tuned to the blog: I’ve got a number of nice posts lined up for the next couple weeks!!**

Porfi Jimenez y su Orquesta: “Coro” y “Mi Consentida”
From the La Machaca LP (Velvet, 1972)