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Cumbia Sampuesana!

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Looking over my posts so far, it seems I have neglected to post up some hot cumbias onto Musica del Alma!  Well here you go: “Cumbia Sampuesana” is a simple combination of accordion, bass, drums, and washboard rhythm.  The high pitched accordion riff is actually kind of psychedelic to my ears, although most likely not intentionally  The band isn’t listed on the LP cover, but its probably one of the various studio bands that Discos Fuentes had working for them at the time.  Any additional info would be great to know!

Artist Unkown: “Cumbia Sampuesana”
From the Cumbias y Porros LP (Discos Fuentes, 197?)


NOTE: Super Sonido has another great version of “Cumbia Sampuesana” up right now.

Guest Post: High-C from Rehash Media

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Our next guest post comes from Texas-based DJ High-C, co-creator (with Wilson) of the amazing Rehash Media website that features record reviews and mixes.  It has been a staple of mine for years, so it is a big pleasure to have C drop the Tejano fuego here at Musica del Alma!



Just when you think you’re well-versed on Tejano Funk, something like this pops up. I was familiar with the Dallas Capri label but had never heard of Neto. After scanning the track listing in hopes of finding some English song titles, I quickly realized that I had hit the Tejano soul jackpot. A cover of Bobby Patterson’s “TCB or TYA” AND a cover of Juggy Murray’s “Oily?” I knew I had to own this record before I’d even heard it. Call it filed at first sight. And fortunately for me, upon giving it an initial spin my suspicions were confirmed. This record esta chingon! I even bump the rancheras on the regular. RIP Neto! Your funky legacy lives on!

– High-C

Neto Perez: “TCB or TYA” & “Oily”
From his In Memory of Neto Perez LP (Capri, 196/7?)

Descarga para el Alma (pt. 1)

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

As promised here are a couple of nice Descargas, a style of Latin music I have been deeply in love with for quite some time.  The word Descarga itself means to explode or unload in Spanish, and really it describes the music perfectly: descargas are often uptempo and freely organized allowing musicians to release bursts of style during numerous solos throughout a typical song.  The results are an absolute pleasure to listen and dance to!

First up is a song off of the classic Boogaloo Frog LP by Johnny Zamot, a famous Latin musician from Puerto Rico who made his name in the New York Latin Jazz scene of the 1960s.  The backbone of many descargas is a solid piano riff (or bass line), and “Descarga Zamot” has a killer one matched only by the potency of the horn section.  I just wish the track lasted longer!

I also wanted to throw in an earlier example of descarga, this one coming from 1960 Cuba in Julio Gutierrez“Descarga Caliente”.   Roughly 17 minutes long, the song preserves a raw energy throughout its entirety and remains interesting even after this extended of a period.  You’ll want to stick around for the whole show.

The best part about all this is there are countless really great descargas out there just waiting to be discovered.

Johnny Zamot: “Descarga Zamot”
From his Introduces the Booglaoo Frog LP (Discomoda/ 7.11 Records, Colombia, 1974/196?)


Julio Gutierrez: “Jam Session (Descarga Caliente)”
From his Cuban Jam Session volume 2 LP (Panart, 1960)


Time for some Latin Jazz

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Changing course from the sweltering tropical funk of last week, here’s some nice Latin Jazz to get you through until the weekend, when I promise a great post of rare & excellent descargas.

Ricardo Marrero, infamous for his classic Latin Funk/Disco songs like “Babalonia,” “My Friend” and “Algo” (see my earlier post for more of that stuff), released his first (legit) album in 1977 on Vaya records that continued on in the fusion direction. TIME takes it to the next level with samba, danzonette, rock and bossa elements getting weaved into the mix.  But Marrero really makes his mark on the jazzy front, supplying a comanding position at the keys with that ever present Latin sabor.

Ricardo Marrero and the Group: “Southern Boulevard”
From the TIME LP (Vaya, 1976)