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Musica Del Alma

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Here it is, the record that first opened me up to the Nuyorican sound of the late sixties, the TNT Boys doing a thing called “Musica del Alma”, or Soul Music. What could this blog be without putting up this classic to start things off?!

A two-tone Archie Bell “Tighten Up”-style guitar riff lays the backbone for this Latin Soul gem, no doubt playing off of the regional success of the TNT Band’s “Meditation”.  Don’t ask me which song I like better, but I will tell there are few songs out there that put me in a better mood.

I’m also including another song from the album, “Caliente,” an oft slept-on dancefloor killah.

TNT Boys: “Musica Del Alma” & “Caliente”
From Sex Symbols (Simbolos Sexuales) LP (Cotique 1038, 1969)