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NEW MIX: Pana-Soul

Friday, February 27th, 2015

Here’s short but sweet mix of these rare and glorious soul 45s from Panama, a country with a small population but a vast musical soul. Ranging from late 60s to mid 70s deep soul sounds, this mix showcases the unique approach to soul music that Panamanians put forward. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do!

Saludos, Adam

PANA-SOUL [download]

Pana Soul Cover

The Jungle Rat U useful link.S.A.: “In The Rain”
The Soul Fantastics: “Just Look At Me”
Joe con Los Silvertones: “You Call Me By My Name”
Ralph Weeks and the Telecasters: “Something Deep Inside”
Garibaldi y Sherwood con Los Morenos Alegres: “Muchacha”
Los Superiores: “Oye Cariñito”
Alfonso Espinosa: “Decirte Nena”
Los Invaders: “Soul Invasion”
Duncan Bros: “Amor Verdadero”
The Happy Sound: “Don’t Let Me Cry”
The Happy Sound: “Soul Girl”
The Soul Fantastics: “Everybody Needs Someone To Love”
Beby Santizo: “Un Bello Sueño de Amor”
Los Silvertones: “What You Mean”

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Also, check out the newish Discos Alma website:
The Discographies section will be updated soon with a number of Panamanian record labels.

Another SUPER SONIDO Guest Post!

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Some more heat from Panama to get you through the winter months!


Spectacular Panama Calipso

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Today I have a very special post for you guys.  I was recently digging in San Francisco just before Christmas, and unearthed this gem on 45 that sounded super familiar to me when I played it on my portable turntable.

It turns out that I had originally heard this track on Luis Soulful’s YouTube channel and immediately fell in love with it. Such a great positive vibe to it!  The copy in Luis’ YouTube video was discovered by tropical digger extraordinaire DJ Papito from Italy.  The few copies he found while digging in Colombia were on the Ecoll record label and the song is credited on them as “Com Colom” by the group Ritmo Calipso.  After finding my copy (seen below), it appears that those Colombian presses are bootlegs or alternate pressings of some sort.  Who knows, maybe the artist had a shady record deal and had to boot his own record?  Anyhow, the “original” press seems to be from NYC.

International record nerdery aside, this 45 contains two spectacular calypsos that I hope you will enjoy.  “Concolon (Calypso Windsor)” is an upbeat ode to the classic Panamanian dish concolon, and I get hungry every time I hear it!  The vocalist De Briano is accompanied by the Alonso Wilson Quinteto, who released a number of great Calypso and Latin Jazz records in Panama throughout the 60s and 70s.  The b-side is a spanish language track similar in style to “Concolon” that continues the vibe nicely.

This was the best Christmas present I could have hoped for!

De Briano with the Alonso Wilson Quinteto: “Concolon (Calypso Windsor)” & “Tu Unico Amor (Guaracha Windsor)”
From the WPC 7″, NYC


Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Three bangin tracks from 2 rare 45s this week!  Two of my favorite scores of 2010…


Cheesy Afro-Latin funk at its best! This is by far the best thing I’ve heard by the Panamanian group The Beachers. They put out at least 10 LPs in the seventies and eighties on various labels from that country (Loyola, Tamayo, etc), their best being Africa Caliente, IMO. But here, we have a 45-only track (to my knowledge at least) absolutely brimming with pure energy and tropical fire. Most of the time their beyond-cheesy organ is a total killing point for me, but I really love it in this track. Multiple breakdowns and teenage back-up singers charge “Black Soul” along and keep things interesting. Cheers to DJ Papito for selling me this 45.

The Beachers: “Black Soul”
Taken from the Loyola Records 7″ (Costa Rica Press)


One of my favorite scores from the past year (thanks, Noel!), and a solid double-sider at that. Don’t know much about Los Africanos except that it’s Bobby Marin produced and that it absolutely HAS to be Ricardo Marrero on electric piano. It has his signature watery keys as heard on “Babalonia” (Yu Qui Yu) and his A Taste LP on TSG. If anyone has any more info for me that would be great, please leave a comment.

Los Africanos: “Together People (Pamoja Watu)” & “It’s Your Thing”
Taken from the TR Records 7″ (1974)

GUEST POST: Doisn’s Panama Soul Mix

Sunday, November 7th, 2010


This week we have a very special guest mix by Germany’s DOISN.  This mysterious lad has dropped a heavy and LONG set of ultra-rare soul tracks from the isthmus of Panama.  An intrepid traveler no doubt, DOISN has been to Panama numerous times in search of adventure (and vinyl), and has agreed to put together a mix exclusive to this site.  Believe me, these records are near impossible to find — even in Panama — so put your seat back and cruise around to these rare sounds….


Lowridin’ Round The Isthmus — A Panama Soul Mix by DOISN


Los Mozambiques – “Lonely Soldier”
The Exciters – “Yo Que Nada Tengo”
Duncan Bros – “Dreams Pt.1”
Los Mozambiques – “El Niño Y El Pero”
Los Silvertones – “Eso No Puede Ser”
Los Mozambiques – “No Llores Mas”
Los Silvertones – “Navidad Sin Ti”
Combo Los Morenos Alegres – “Mia”
Lucho De Sedas – “Propiedad Privada”
The Soul Fantastics – “En Ti”
Los Silvertones – “Call Me By My Name”
The Beachers – “Something Deep Inside”
Los Silvertones – “Oh Gee”
The Festivals – “At Least I´ve Found My Love”
Los Mozambiques – “Mi Deception”
The Soul Fantastics – “Aint No Sunshine”
Los Mozambiques – “Shaba Shuba”
The Beachers – “Which Way You Going Billy”
The Exciters – “Prisoner of Love”
Los Mozambiques – “Mendigo”

+ Bonus Tracks

NEW MIX: “Dame El Rock”

Thursday, April 15th, 2010
Today I offer you all a short but sweet mix of Latin treats from all over the western hemisphere; from the Bay Area of California to El Salvador to Uruguay!

The first mix that I’ve done for my own site (I know, I know), Dame El Rock is the first installment in what will surely be a continuing series that seeks to expose some of Latin America’s forgotten rock hard gems.  At times funky, psychedelic and soulful, this collection of tracks starts off heavy, but soon mellows out until finally culminating in one of my favorite songs of all time: Cofradia‘s rare “Tu Carino”!


— Dame El Rock —

Los Rodyn’s: “Cafe” (El Salvador)
Ray Camacho: “Damelo” (California)
People: “Picadillo” (Texas)
Via Libre: “Tiuba La Quieba” (El Salvador)
Challenger’s: “Emily” (Puerto Rico)
La Logia Sarabanda: “Cajon De Castanas” (Peru)
Los Zheros: “Cuarto Oscuro” (Peru)
Totem: “Caspita” (Uruguay)
Rulie Garcia: “Earthquake” (California)
Los Orientales: “La Danza Del Mono” (Peru by way of Colombia)
Cofradia: “Tu Carino” (Panama)

Guest Post on Super Sonido

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Hey everyone, make sure to check out Sonido Franko‘s blog Super Sonido, where I have a guest post!  Sonido Franko and friends are posting up a hot 45 everyday for the rest of February, head over there ASAP and support!



From Panama to Puerto Rico

Friday, November 13th, 2009

So it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Panamanian music, and this week we have one of the best combos out of the country doing their own thing with both originals and covers. I’ve had this album for ages, but I get more enjoyment from it with every listen. Check it out to hear why.

“Puerto Rico”, originally an Eddie Palmieri tune from his shit-hot album Sentido, starts the album off on a mellow tip, but slowly builds into one of the finest Salsa tracks I’ve heard. The guitar, a predominant instrument in most musical forms coming out of Panama, is the real star of the show here: taking the place of Palmieri’s keys, the guitarist guides the song through intense horn lines and deep breakdowns alike. Love this one to death!

“Let Me Do My Thing”, featured on the first Panama! comp, is easily one of the top 5 funk/soul songs from the isthmus. If not familiar already, do yourself a favor and git fam!

“Say Amor” is like a super chilled-out & mellow version of “Tighten-Up”, with an odd drum track that sounds almost like a drum machine at times. Again, the guitar and horn combo cannot be beat!

The last song on the album is “Morning”, a killer Latin Jazz staple as done by Cal Tjader and others. While the vocalist isn’t quite my style, I can definitely vibe-out to this with ease.

Los Dinamicos Exciters: “Puerto Rico”, “Let Me Do My Thing”, “Say Amor”, & “Morning”
From the Lo Mejor De Los Dinamicos EXCITERS LP (Discos Jacher, Panama, 197?)



Deep Funk from the Isthmus

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Well, it’s gonna be tough to follow up the last two guest posts from O-Dub and Age, but this should do well to get things back on track from my end:

Just released and out now on Soundway Records is an extremely limited 7″ featuring that hot hot heat from Panama, a country now made notorious for its incredible musical output through two outstanding compilations also out on Soundway Records. The new 7″ is a companion release to the second compilation, entitled Panama! 2: Latin Sounds, Cumbia Tropical and Calypso Funk on the Isthmus 1967-77, that has now claimed the #3 position on the European World Music charts and is still climbing.

The Soul Fantastics, a popular Combo Nacional de Panama, bring us an obscure deep latin funk gem never given its own proper release.  It appeared on the repress to their first, now legendary LP, and no where else, until now.  The soul of this song rests in Felix Wilkins’ flute, but is helped along by the harmonic stylings of Daniel Bulgin and Samuel Archer, the group’s lead vocalists, riding over a solid groove created by the rest of the Fantastics.  Like a shot in the dark, the groove suddenly stops and lets Wilkins let loose with a solo reminiscent of S.O.U.L.’s “Burning Spear”, only to build back up again into its full glory.

Don’t sleep on this release because they’ll be sold out before you know it (they may already be out of stock!). And extra thanks to Beto for contributing the detailed info in this post.

The Soul Fantastics: “El Mismo” (link expired, please don’t ask for re-up)
From the Limited Panama! 2 7″ (Soundway Records, 2009)


Deepest funk coming from the isthmus of Panama?

PANAMA FUNK- Los Superiores

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

In waiting for the highly anticipated Soundway compilation Panama! Vol 2 – Latin Sounds, Cumbia Tropical & Calypso Funk on the Isthmus 1967-1977 to drop, I’ll give y’all a quick taste of what lays in store for that release.  Los Superiores, who released an unthinkably rare LP entitled La Nueva Salsa de Los Superiores, bring us a track called “Descarga Superior”.  This was their first LP, but they recorded beforehand as Los Nenes Sicodelicos and released a few 45s.

The horn-work on this track is amazing! Check it out…

Los Superiores- “Descarga Superior”
From La Nueva Salsa de Los Superiores Vol.1 LP (Discos Istmenos, 196?)