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Diverse stuff from Nicaragua

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

I’m always intrigued (but never surprised) by the sheer diversity of music that was pumped out of Central America in the 60’s and 70’s, whether it’s from El Salvador or Panama. My latest reminder of this comes from a group called Los Hermanos Cortez, who hail from Leon, Nicaragua.  The notes on the back of their Aqui Los Exitos LP insinuate that they formed while in University there, and undertook the goal of adding a Nicaraguan twist to American musical styles all the while trying to perfect “their parent’s music.”

“La Locura de los Hippies” is a psych rock track that starts off hard and heavy before mellowing out in stretches with some stylish keys.  Pretty tough shit!

But my two favorite tracks from the LP are the Latin ones.  “Ritmo y Palmeras” is the best cumbia I’ve heard from Nicaragua hands down. (Please inform me of others if you feel otherwise!  And finally, their song “La Tumba Hombre” exudes equal parts Musica Tipica and Rock n Roll.

Also keep an eye out for their super rare and excellent salsa/descarga records from the 1970s.

Los Hermanos Cortez – , “La Locura De Los Hippies”, “Ritmo y Palmeras”, & “La Tumba Hombre”

From the Aqui Los Exitos  LP (Arcoiris, Nicaragua, 196?)