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Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

A few weeks back, a faithful reader of this blog asked me a seemingly simple question: “What are your top 5 Latin Funk tracks of all time?” I put some serious thought into this question, revisited many worthy records in my collection, and came up with my top five as of this moment.  I tried my best to remove the rarity of certain records from my decisions and focus exclusively on the musical qualities of the songs in question, but as you can imagine sometimes the rarest shit is the best.  I will be posting each of my top fives picks individually in the coming weeks, so make sure to stay tuned! Without further ado, here is my #5 pick to set things off!

5.)  Leo Acosta: “Noches de Viaje” (Capitol, Mexico, 1971)

First off, huge props to DJ High-C (Rehash) from Dallas, TX, for putting me up on this killer LP, otherwise I’d still probably be sleeping on this!  Leo Acosta (aka Mr. Boogaloo) was a drummer and big band leader from Michoacan, Mexico, who played on everything from Jazz to Boogaloo to Funk to Psych records.  He even co-wrote THE very first Spanish language Rock song, “La Mecedora” (that’s Leo on drums). While the majority of his recorded output is in my opinion pretty bland, he released this S/T LP in the early 70s and it’s a killer from front to back!  I wanted to include “Noches de Viaje” (which I like to translate as “Trippy Nights”), because it has such a laid back but solid vibe to it.

Leo holds down a banger of a drumbreak (alongside a steady rhythm guitar player) for a sophisticated horn section to get busy over, eventually making way for one hell of a keyboard player to shine.  I’m very picky with my keyboards in Latin Funk tracks, especially considering that the umbrella genre of Latin music has unleashed some of the finest piano/keyboard players the world has ever known!  This keyboardist does not disappoint.  ¡Qué estilo!

Boogaloo Mexicano

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Back in effect with some hot shit I recently found at the flea market.  I’m always amazed at the wide swath of records that are findable at these markets: from rare local funk & soul 45s to seemingly impossible-to-track-down international joints.  Anything is possible at fleas, you just have to be the first one to find it!

Waxing poetic aside, I was really struck by the quality of this LP by Tono Quirazco y su Show Cartier, who hail from the state of Veracruz in Mexico.  I mean, they are doing covers of NYC boogaloo hits such as “I Like It Like That”, “Uptite”, etc, but they manage to create their own sound and just have fun with it.

“Asi Me Gusta” appears to be a rip off of Pete Rodriguez’ classic boogaloo banger “I Like It Like That,” and I dig the addition of stylish guitar and a sweltering horn line.  “Bugulu” is probably my favorite track off the LP, and arguably the most dancefloor friendly

The whole album continues the vibe that the below tracks lay out, but these four are my picks.  Simply put, this is one of the best Boogaloo LP’s from Mexico that I have come across.

Tono Quirazco y su Show Cartier: “Asi Me Gusta”, “Bugulu”, “Aprieta Arriba”, & “Pulpa de Tamarindo”

From the A Ritmo de Boogaloo Lp (Odeon, Mexico, 196?)


Tighten Yourself Up for 2010

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Just in time for 2010, Los Johnny Jets urge y’all to tighten yourself up for the new year with a raw and fantastic cover of the Archie Bell and the Drells classic.  Coming from the seemingly endless vault of Mexican covers of popular American soul and funk songs from the 1960s and 70s, most of which are quite forgettable IMO, “Apretado (Tighten Up)” relishes in its own grittiness.  Bass, drums, guitar and hand claps are all this garage-styled monster needs to hold its own (and get your new year started off on the right foot!).

Shouldn’t be too hard to grab an affordable copy of this LP with enough patience.

Los Johnny Jets: “Apretado (Tighten Up)”
From the La Minifalda de Reynalda LP (Harmony, 1968)


Gallina Funky

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Apologies for the long gap in posts, but I got the swine flu! Back on track with some crazy fresh Latin Funk covers supplied by Mexico’s very own Comparsa Universitaria, yet another group coming from our southern neighbor that specialized in covering popular songs from the US. Here we have them doing the “Funky Chicken” by Rufus Thomas and “Chicken Strut” by The Meters, putting their own style to the hit soul songs of the day.

Comparsa Universitaria de La Laguna: “El Ritmo de Gallina” y “El Pavoneo de la Gallina”
From the Una Comparsa Con Sabor album (Orfeon, Mexico, 196?)



They must have found a winning formula by covering Rufus Thomas, because on a later LP entitled La Nueva!, the group returns to his catalog and bangs out a seriously cool cover of the “Push and Pull,” one of my favorite of Thomas’ songs to begin with. Do the “Poooosh and Pooooool” everybody….

Comparsa Universitaria de La Laguna: “Empuja y Estira
From the La Nueva! album (Orfeon, Mexico, 197?)