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Picking up the Crumbs

Monday, March 1st, 2010

This week we have an interesting LP from Florida: Sincerely Antique. Miami’s token Latin Rock band a la Santana, Antique (aka The Antiques) were a popular regional act that also explored the heavy psych and funk sounds prevalent at the time. The main draw of this LP (at least for me) is their epic version of the sure-shot Laura Lee classic “Crumbs Off the Table”. Pounding Latin percussion and heavy organ make this version their own, while lead vocalist Eddy Diaz belts out the man’s side to Laura Lee’s story.

On “Batuka”, a Santana original from their III album, the band covers new ground and play the already-sparse track rawer and funkier than Carlos and his crew ever could. (A quick aside: In a nod to Santana’s legendary use of Tito Puente’s “Oye Como Va”, Puente himself covered “Batuka” on his 1972 album Para Los Rumberos.) Antique credit the song to Tito on the LP’s back cover, as it turns out.

Lastly, I wanted to include “Taboo” here, as I rarely post any mellow goodness. Overall a cool LP from a local Miami scene I’m becoming increasingly interested with. Judging from the front and back cover, it looks like they had plenty of fun making it! The band have one other LP on Funny (Antique Sorcery) plus an earlier one on Audio Latino. Both are pretty sick and worth tracking down if you can find them.

Expect new and exciting things here at Musica Del Alma in the coming weeks!

Antique: “Crumbs Off The Table”, “Batuka”, + “Taboo”
Taken from the Sincerely Antique LP (Funny, 502, 1973)


Wild Wind

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Check out one of the two Latin Rock groups on the Sound Triangle Label from Hialeah, Florida (the other being Coke/Opus).  Arguably the finest LP from that label (unless, of course, you are a fan of Salsa), the self-titled Wild Wind LP is chock full of funky moments.  And hey, even the ballads are good!

Maybe its just the raw recording of the record, or the low quality vinyl the album was pressed on, but “A Drink or Two” has some seriously heavy vibes that boil up through the guitar solo into a gloriously massive drum break. B-Boys take note!

I’m also including two other funky tracks from the album in “I’ve Tried to Love You” & “Make Your Move”.

Wild Wind: “A Drink Or Two”, “I’ve Tried to Love You”, & “Make Your Move”
From the S/T LP (Sound Triangle 7780, 1974)


Stay tuned for more great Latin music on the Sound Triangle label!