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Guest Post: Guaguanco Mix by Reynaldo

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

This is truly exactly what we need right now: a hot salsa mix to dance these summer nights through and through!  Nothing but Kool Heat!  Big thanks, Rey.

-Slim Jenkins


My goal when I started to put this mix together was to find songs that are as good as “Guaguanco Tropical” by The Brooklyn Sounds–a song that could surely cause a riot if played at the right club at the right time. In the end, after listening to hundreds of guaguancos over the course of a week, I only managed to find a small group that come close to matching the energy of that great Brooklyn Sounds track. Here they are.


Download Reynaldo’s Guaguanco Mix (LVJ 005)

01. “Baila Mi Guaguanco” – Mon Rivera Y Su Orquesta
02. “Mania” – Tito Puente & His Orchestra
03. “Sabroso Guaguanco” – Eddie Palmieri & His Conjunto La Perfecta
04. “Loco Y Contento” – Ray Terrace
05 voltaren prix. “Play Boy” – Pete Terrace
06. “Canallon” – Alfredito Y Su Orquesta
07. “Mi Guaguancó” – Joe Pappy and His Combo
08. “A Los Muchachos De Belen” – Betico Salas
09. “Guaguanco Tropical” – The Brooklyn Sounds
10. “El Reloj Pulcera” – Orq. De Cuchon
11. “Salsa” – Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez
12. “Benita” – Pipo Y La Superior
13. “La Margarita” – Roberto Y Su Nuevo Montuno
14. “Recapacitacion” – Bobby Marin

NOTE: This is Reynaldo’s 3rd Guest Post for Musica Del Alma.  Check out his other two posts here.

Guest Post: Reynaldo # 2

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Joining us again is Reynaldo, who today supplies us with a killer mix of Pachanga, Charanga, & Guaguanco to keep you dancing through the winter! Rey runs two of the finest Latin music/record sites online: the Latin Vinyl Junkie blog and his own Rare Latin record gallery.


LVJ Guaguanco, Pachanga, and Charanga Mix (LISTEN / DOWNLOAD)

I’m constantly on the hunt for Latin records/music to add to my collection, to post on my blog, or just to listen to and enjoy. When I hear a track that really catches my ear, I add it to my playlist of recent discoveries, and when the list gets to about thirty tracks, I whittle it down and sequence the songs until a coherent theme emerges. Then I can put together a solid mix such as this one, which consists of up-tempo pachanga, charanga, and guaguanco songs. My favorites from this mix are “Treinta Kilos” by Johnny Pacheco, and the two Charlie Palmieri & La Duboney cuts, “Pon Pon Pachanga” and “Tema De La Duboney,” which features Johnny Pacheco. Enjoy!



01. “Tema De La Duboney” – Charlie Palmieri & The Duboney Orchestra
02. “Treinta Kilos” – Johnny Pacheco
03. “Margie” – Ray Barretto
04. “El Pega Joso” – Antonio (Chocolate) Diaz Mena & His Orchestra
05. “Vivir La Vida Ortra Vez” – Orquesta Colon
06. “Yo Tengo Un Guia” – Los Nuevos Dementes
07. “Domino” – Rafael Cortijo Y Su Bonche
08. “La Calle Diez” – Sexteto Juventud
09. “Para Los Bravos” – La Tropicana De Eldy Tor
10. “Afro Breed” – Phil Moore III & the Afro-Latin Soultet
11. “Afro Revolt” – Afro Soul-Tet
12. “Peanut Vendor” – Jack Costanzo
13. “Sza, Sza, Ole” – Modesto’s Charanga Kings ft. Olguita
14. “Amalia Bataista” – Pete Terrace
15. “Tosca Pachanga” – Charles Fox & His Charanga
16. “Pon Pon Pachanga” – Charlie Palmieri and his Charanga “La Duboney”
17. “Pachanga En Katanga” – Mon Rivera
18. “Tony’s Cha Cha Cha” – Pete Terrace

Guest Post: Reynaldo

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Great stuff this week coming from California’s own heavy Latin music collector, Reynaldo, creator of the Latin Vinyl Junkie blog and the excellent Reynaldo82 site. His three exceptional selections kick off a new series of guest posts on Musica del Alma that will hopefully feature a slew of other great contributors in the weeks and months to come.



Orlando Marin: “Palo Monte”
From the Out of My Mind LP (Brunswick, 1970)

Orlando Marin’s Out of My Mind LP came out at the end of the boogaloo era and it features a mix of solid boogaloo, Latin soul, guaguanco, son montuno, and descarga tracks. One of the best songs, “Palo Monte,” is an excellent slow-burn son montuno that builds to pure joy once the chanted chorus hits. This is one of those songs that is put together and executed so well that it can afford to be subtle and release its brilliance in controlled doses.



Orq. De Savinon y sus Negritos Santos: “Soul Makossa”
From the 7” (Eight-Seventeen, 197?)

There have been tons of covers done of this Manu Dibango classic, but this one, put out by an obscure NYC Latin group, is the best that I have heard so far. Heavy percussion dominates the track and gives it a rhythmic dimension that is not present in many of the other versions of the song, which tend to be choppy and/or lack the infectious swing and low-end punch of the original.



Candido Y Su Orquesta: “Who’s Gonna Take the Weight”
From the Candido Y Su Orquesta LP (Solo, 1972)

This record from Jose “Candido” Rodriguez is packed with great guaguancos and son montunos, but right now I want to highlight its sole Latin funk track: a blistering cover of Kool & The Gang’s “Who’s Gonna Take the Weight.” I tend to be a harsh critic of all things funky, but there is certainly nothing tepid about this track (just listen to the breakdown and scream at 2:55!).