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GUEST MIX: DJ Sport Casual

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Despite New York City’s grim situation these days in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, Brooklyn-based DJ Sport Casual hit me up with this killer mix of wild Afro Latin goodness appropriately titled “Afro Latin”. Exploring an esoteric array of African and Latin music, the mix includes everything from Colombian Highlife played by midgets to a psychedelic cumbia about E.T.!

Light one up, play it loud, and don’t forget to have a drink in honor of all our friends in NYC having a difficult time right now!


DJ Sport Casual – Afro Latino
Future Funk guest mix for Musica Del Alma

El Evangelio
El Regreso de E.T.
Lucky El Rastrillo
Brisas De Cartagena
Sabor a Selva
Si Dios Fuera Negro
Esa Morena
Muamba, Banana e Cola
D.K. Njohera
Periquito con Arroz
Paloma Blanca
Tumba Hombres
La Cocha Pechocha

Guest Post: High-C from Rehash Media

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Back again on Música del Alma is the dude High-C, joining us on a whirlwind promotional stint in honor of his freshly redesigned mega-blog, Rehash Excavation. Along with partner in grime Wilson, High-C has been generously sharing quality soul and funk music on his website for well over a decade. Today, he provides us with some killer Tejano Soul courtesy of Tony Hernandez!  -Slim Jenkins

Tony Hernandez and the Latin Liners: “Jo Tex” & “Nothing is the Same”
From the La Voz Encantadora LP  (Capri Records – Dallas, Texas)

Hailing from Seguin, Texas, just 35 miles east of San Antonio, emerges one of Chicano music’s less heralded bandleaders, Tony Hernandez. Like other comparable Mexican American bands of the day, Tony and his Latin Liners boasted an eclectic repertoire, delving into multiple genres, playing everything from traditional Mexican rancheras and boleros to up-tempo, chugging funk instrumentals. Following suit behind the A-listers on the scene such as Sunny & the Sunliners and Little Joe and the Latinaires, Tony spared no expense on the horn section’s payroll. This barrage of fortified brass is what defined the Texas Sound in the 1960s-70s and is what makes the featured tune so undeniably heavy. An homage to a fellow Texan soul brother, “Jo Tex [sic]” is one of two funky offerings on an LP composed almost entirely of rancheras. The second point of interest (to funk fans, anyway) on “La Voz…” is the band’s take on the 1970 Grand Funk tune “Nothing is the Same.” The familiar drum, bass and guitar intro that inspired sampling hip hoppers over twenty years ago sounds even sweeter given the Latin treatment. – High-C


Thanks to Detective Jenkins for mining deep into the Youtube-o-sphere to uncover that “Jo Tex” is not an original TH & tLL composition, but in fact, a cover of a cover:


Check out High-C’s previous Guest Post for Música del Alma. Un abrazo, compadre!


Guest Mix for Soul Bonanza (Japan)

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Just wanted to plug my latest Latin mix, which the cool folks at Soul Bonanza are hosting for me.   The mix, entitled “Me Gusta Como Bailas”, is a combination of my favorite styles of Latin music all in one: Pachanga, Cumbia, Descarga, Funk, Salsa, etc from places like California, Ethiopia, Colombia and Cuba!  Make sure to check back to their site for the best in Tropical sounds from Latin America, the Caribbean & Africa.

Click here to listen to the mix!



Monday, February 7th, 2011

Yo yo. Just did a guest post for my homie Joseph Franko’s blog, Super Sonido, featuring some of the finest Latin Funk ever recorded!  Franko is putting up a 45 (or three) each day during the full month of February, so make sure to tune in every day! Los Vampiros!

Click here to check out the post!

GUEST MIX: Cuban Funk by Gravelheadwrap

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Happy holidays to all my readers across the globe!  This week we have a very special mix by Gravelheadwrap, who has contributed Cuban heat here in the past.  I love this mix of classics and rare tracks from Cuba’s Areito label.  Enjoy!

Cuban Funk by Gravelheadwrap

Juan Pablo Torres – Y Que Bien
Juan Formell Y Los Van Van – Llegue, Llegue
Grupo Monumental – Limitacion
Los Reyes ’73 – Adoey
Grupo Monumental – Si, Para Usted
Grupo Los Yoyi – Del Copacabana A
Los 5 U 4 – Seis Igual A Seis
Grupo FA 5 – Paso Sin Mas
Juan Pablo Torres – Rompe Cocorioco
Juan Pablo Torres – Pastel En Descarga (Super Son)
Los 5 U 4 – Baila, Ven Y Baila
Grupo Irakere – Quindiambo
Grupo FA 5 – Salga Y Baile
Grupo Los Yoyi – Paco La Calle
Raul Gomez – Dacapo
Juan Almeida – Ritmo Abierto
Grupo Irakere – Juana 1600

GUEST POST: Doisn’s Panama Soul Mix

Sunday, November 7th, 2010


This week we have a very special guest mix by Germany’s DOISN.  This mysterious lad has dropped a heavy and LONG set of ultra-rare soul tracks from the isthmus of Panama.  An intrepid traveler no doubt, DOISN has been to Panama numerous times in search of adventure (and vinyl), and has agreed to put together a mix exclusive to this site.  Believe me, these records are near impossible to find — even in Panama — so put your seat back and cruise around to these rare sounds….


Lowridin’ Round The Isthmus — A Panama Soul Mix by DOISN


Los Mozambiques – “Lonely Soldier”
The Exciters – “Yo Que Nada Tengo”
Duncan Bros – “Dreams Pt.1”
Los Mozambiques – “El Niño Y El Pero”
Los Silvertones – “Eso No Puede Ser”
Los Mozambiques – “No Llores Mas”
Los Silvertones – “Navidad Sin Ti”
Combo Los Morenos Alegres – “Mia”
Lucho De Sedas – “Propiedad Privada”
The Soul Fantastics – “En Ti”
Los Silvertones – “Call Me By My Name”
The Beachers – “Something Deep Inside”
Los Silvertones – “Oh Gee”
The Festivals – “At Least I´ve Found My Love”
Los Mozambiques – “Mi Deception”
The Soul Fantastics – “Aint No Sunshine”
Los Mozambiques – “Shaba Shuba”
The Beachers – “Which Way You Going Billy”
The Exciters – “Prisoner of Love”
Los Mozambiques – “Mendigo”

+ Bonus Tracks

GUEST POST: DJ Sport Casual

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

This week DJ Sport Casual, a well renowned DJ from Brooklyn, hits us with some heavy Central American Latin Funk Rock! Make sure to check out his website and listen to all the killer mixes he’s posted.

-Slim Jenkins

Picked this LP up sometime over the summer from a New York area flea, just another long shot that ended up in the yes pile. It is one of the many Latin American party records where side a is one long medley of covers and/or general happy tunes that even abuelita can get down with. I think Central American countries did this the most, even with their rock bands, as we have here. Not sure how it happens, maybe the label, maybe the manager, or even abuelita putting pressure on the band to make something commercially viable/she can dance to. Then the band gets to put some heavy stuff on the other side. So I was more interested in side b, and it turned out to be a pretty killer side b. Warning: this LP sits quite close to Malo S/T in my LP boxes… if Santana-style fusion jams make you angry you may want to look away now. But if you like the idea of something that sounds like Los Dug Dugs going Descarga, then hit play! PS: I made it into a medley :)

– Sport Casual

Crema Purpura – “Pa’ Vacila”


Guest Post on Super Sonido

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Hey everyone, make sure to check out Sonido Franko‘s blog Super Sonido, where I have a guest post!  Sonido Franko and friends are posting up a hot 45 everyday for the rest of February, head over there ASAP and support!



Guest Post: Reynaldo # 2

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Joining us again is Reynaldo, who today supplies us with a killer mix of Pachanga, Charanga, & Guaguanco to keep you dancing through the winter! Rey runs two of the finest Latin music/record sites online: the Latin Vinyl Junkie blog and his own Rare Latin record gallery.


LVJ Guaguanco, Pachanga, and Charanga Mix (LISTEN / DOWNLOAD)

I’m constantly on the hunt for Latin records/music to add to my collection, to post on my blog, or just to listen to and enjoy. When I hear a track that really catches my ear, I add it to my playlist of recent discoveries, and when the list gets to about thirty tracks, I whittle it down and sequence the songs until a coherent theme emerges. Then I can put together a solid mix such as this one, which consists of up-tempo pachanga, charanga, and guaguanco songs. My favorites from this mix are “Treinta Kilos” by Johnny Pacheco, and the two Charlie Palmieri & La Duboney cuts, “Pon Pon Pachanga” and “Tema De La Duboney,” which features Johnny Pacheco. Enjoy!



01. “Tema De La Duboney” – Charlie Palmieri & The Duboney Orchestra
02. “Treinta Kilos” – Johnny Pacheco
03. “Margie” – Ray Barretto
04. “El Pega Joso” – Antonio (Chocolate) Diaz Mena & His Orchestra
05. “Vivir La Vida Ortra Vez” – Orquesta Colon
06. “Yo Tengo Un Guia” – Los Nuevos Dementes
07. “Domino” – Rafael Cortijo Y Su Bonche
08. “La Calle Diez” – Sexteto Juventud
09. “Para Los Bravos” – La Tropicana De Eldy Tor
10. “Afro Breed” – Phil Moore III & the Afro-Latin Soultet
11. “Afro Revolt” – Afro Soul-Tet
12. “Peanut Vendor” – Jack Costanzo
13. “Sza, Sza, Ole” – Modesto’s Charanga Kings ft. Olguita
14. “Amalia Bataista” – Pete Terrace
15. “Tosca Pachanga” – Charles Fox & His Charanga
16. “Pon Pon Pachanga” – Charlie Palmieri and his Charanga “La Duboney”
17. “Pachanga En Katanga” – Mon Rivera
18. “Tony’s Cha Cha Cha” – Pete Terrace

Guest Post: High-C from Rehash Media

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Our next guest post comes from Texas-based DJ High-C, co-creator (with Wilson) of the amazing Rehash Media website that features record reviews and mixes.  It has been a staple of mine for years, so it is a big pleasure to have C drop the Tejano fuego here at Musica del Alma!



Just when you think you’re well-versed on Tejano Funk, something like this pops up. I was familiar with the Dallas Capri label but had never heard of Neto. After scanning the track listing in hopes of finding some English song titles, I quickly realized that I had hit the Tejano soul jackpot. A cover of Bobby Patterson’s “TCB or TYA” AND a cover of Juggy Murray’s “Oily?” I knew I had to own this record before I’d even heard it. Call it filed at first sight. And fortunately for me, upon giving it an initial spin my suspicions were confirmed. This record esta chingon! I even bump the rancheras on the regular. RIP Neto! Your funky legacy lives on!

– High-C

Neto Perez: “TCB or TYA” & “Oily”
From his In Memory of Neto Perez LP (Capri, 196/7?)