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Monday, January 31st, 2011

This week I’m back with a new mix of heavy Descarga / Mambo / Latin Jazz for your dancing feet. I’ve been obsessed with this sound for a while now and decided to express that love with a mix for you all.  Some classics and a few obscurities in there, from places like Cuba, New York City, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, Venezuela, and The Bahamas.  There is a heaviness about this music, like when you hear it you can almost step into the sweltering venues where these jams were played 50+ years ago and warm up against the wall of brass emanating from the band stand.

The first half of the mix is made up of Mambo-Descargas, then I try to cover some other ground with a beautiful set of descargas from the The Bahamas, some cool West Coast vibes-led Latin Jazz, two classic NYC / Cuban Descargas, and even an uptempo mid-70s salsa track from Venezuela to keep things interesting.

Hopefully this will make up for my lack of posts lately!

DESCARGANDO by DJ Slim Jenkins

*No tracklist for now*

From Panama to Puerto Rico

Friday, November 13th, 2009

So it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Panamanian music, and this week we have one of the best combos out of the country doing their own thing with both originals and covers. I’ve had this album for ages, but I get more enjoyment from it with every listen. Check it out to hear why.

“Puerto Rico”, originally an Eddie Palmieri tune from his shit-hot album Sentido, starts the album off on a mellow tip, but slowly builds into one of the finest Salsa tracks I’ve heard. The guitar, a predominant instrument in most musical forms coming out of Panama, is the real star of the show here: taking the place of Palmieri’s keys, the guitarist guides the song through intense horn lines and deep breakdowns alike. Love this one to death!

“Let Me Do My Thing”, featured on the first Panama! comp, is easily one of the top 5 funk/soul songs from the isthmus. If not familiar already, do yourself a favor and git fam!

“Say Amor” is like a super chilled-out & mellow version of “Tighten-Up”, with an odd drum track that sounds almost like a drum machine at times. Again, the guitar and horn combo cannot be beat!

The last song on the album is “Morning”, a killer Latin Jazz staple as done by Cal Tjader and others. While the vocalist isn’t quite my style, I can definitely vibe-out to this with ease.

Los Dinamicos Exciters: “Puerto Rico”, “Let Me Do My Thing”, “Say Amor”, & “Morning”
From the Lo Mejor De Los Dinamicos EXCITERS LP (Discos Jacher, Panama, 197?)



Time for some Latin Jazz

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Changing course from the sweltering tropical funk of last week, here’s some nice Latin Jazz to get you through until the weekend, when I promise a great post of rare & excellent descargas.

Ricardo Marrero, infamous for his classic Latin Funk/Disco songs like “Babalonia,” “My Friend” and “Algo” (see my earlier post for more of that stuff), released his first (legit) album in 1977 on Vaya records that continued on in the fusion direction. TIME takes it to the next level with samba, danzonette, rock and bossa elements getting weaved into the mix.  But Marrero really makes his mark on the jazzy front, supplying a comanding position at the keys with that ever present Latin sabor.

Ricardo Marrero and the Group: “Southern Boulevard”
From the TIME LP (Vaya, 1976)